Autonomous Golf Ball Collectors for Use in Driving Ranges

  • ♦ We can design and develop ball pickers autonomously driven by compact Smart Seederagricultural tractors such as the one shown here.
  • ♦ Years of research pioneered by the Thornfield Robotics personnel has resulted in very sophisticated vehicle guidance algorithms that ensures highly reliable and very precise autonomous guidance of your field vehicles.
  • ♦ The ball pickers will be equipped with advanced sensors to provide data to a suite of software that will control the guidance system of the ball pickers.
  • ♦ The ball picker can be parked at a designated launch position. At regular intervals it will depart, scan the driving range according to a pre planned path, will collect the golf balls and will return to launch position. The intevals can be timed so that the ball buckets do not over flow.
  • ♦ The vehicle can generate a diagnostic report for the golf course management staff to attend to its routine maintenance.
  • ♦ The ball picker will be equipped with complete obstacle detection and collision avoidance algorithms to ensure safe operation.
  • ♦ The autonomous ball pickers eliminate human error, effects of absenteeism, worker injury and provides you extended hours of uninterrupted operation even at late hours of the day.
  • ♦ The Thornfield Robotics systems are entirely retrofittable requiring minimal capital expenditure.