Autonomous High Precision Broadacre Seeding System

Smart Seeder
  • ♦ Over 10 years, Thornfield Robotics has carried out pioneering research to perfect the design and development of fully autonomous agricultural vehicles with a broad range of operations, budgets and future expansions in mind.
  • ♦ This work includes the design and development of mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems. Additionally, Thornfield Robotics has developed complete suites of software required to integrate these systems.
  • ♦ The technology developed by Thornfield Robotics is patented.
  • ♦ These machines operate in three different modes:
    1. ૘  Manual;
    2. ૙  Remote controlled; and
    3. ૚  Autonomous.
  • ♦ The physical presence of a driver at the seat of the machine will result in manual operation mode.
  • ♦ The machines can be remotely controlled using devices such as an Xbox controller.
  • ♦ To put the machine into fully autonomous operation, roughly position the vehicle at the designated start point and use your mobile phone to launch autonomous operations.
  • ♦ Our guidance algorithms deliver ±2 cm accuracy all the time.
  • ♦ Speeds are precisely controlled and automatic speed control takes care of safe turns.
  • ♦ These agricultural vehicle can operate day or night with extended hours of continuous operation.
  • ♦ Other optional features such as, remotely accessible cameras, remote monitoring, diagnostic systems and weather stations are also available.
  • ♦ Thornfield Robotics systems are entirely retrofittable requiring minimal capital expenditure.
  • ♦ Please refer to our ‘Task Planner’ project to find out how easy it is to program operations.

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