Task Planner for Autonomous Field Vehicles

Task Planner is a user friendly standalone application that can be run on a hand held device such as a tablet or on an office computer to plan the operations for autonomous vehicels.

Task Planner
  • ♦ Shown above is an example Task Planner. We can design and develop more sophisticated task planners to suite your needs.
  • ♦ All task planning can be done from an office. The final files generated by the Task Planner are then uploaded to the vehicle.
  • ♦ In the absence of an operator, an autonomous machine must be provided with the information it needs to operate successfully.
  • ♦ The Thornfield Task Planner collects such information and generates a set of instructions for the autonomous machine.
  • ♦ The Task Planner requires data such as the:
    1. ૘  coordinates of the land boundary;
    2. ૙  coordinates of no-go areas;
    3. ૚  preferred direction of travel; and
    4. ૛  machine specific information such as maximum steering angle.
  • ♦ Additionally, the Task Planner has the capability to program in special operation zones to deal with variability of ground conditions and specific operational requirements, e.g. slow speed zones.
  • ♦ The Task Planner will use this information to determine the path and other information required for the machine. This data is then uploaded to the autonomous machine.
  • ♦ The Task Planner can be run on hand held devices such as a tablet to launch autonomous operations.
  • ♦ When the machine is in motion, the Task Planner can be used from a remote location to visualize the whereabouts of the machine and diagnostic information in real-time.