Autonomous Field Vehicle Projects

The autonomous technologies we have developed over the years are applicable to a wide variety of application scenarios. They range from small vehicles such as ride on lawn movers used to mow golf courses and cricket fields, through to large scale agricultural vehicles, to bulldozers used in mining. Within each of these application areas are their own sub specialities. For example, in agriculture our technology can be used to automate and autonomously operate lime spreading, fertiliser spreading, land preparation and wheel track renovation vehicles used during off-season, seeding machines and subsequent in-season agricultural vehicles applying fertiliser and pesticides. Similarly, in mining, autonomous bulldozers may be used in back filling and bulk push operations. In particular, human operators cannot operate bulldozers continuously due to risk of injury leading to substantial reduction in their full operational capacity. The autonomous technologies we offer can eliminate many of these deficiencies.

As a sample set, we have listed four products under the projects category, however, this list is by no means exhaustive.

To see the operation of the autonomous vehicles please see the videos below: